Photo Credit: Clay Enos Photography 



So, the art? Well, I would bet that the drawing on the bottle is taking a more and more important role in craft beer experience for the person picking it up at the market.  But then what? like after the bottle is opened? No doubt it is the nature of the awesome and the quality of the beer in the bottle will have the final say and will bring someone back. But what about the packaging then? How does it evolve over time and how does the narrative that we can bring to the beers progress our Jolly Pumpkin world?  That’s the questions I am interested in. Besides the big 750's tend to sit on the table and hopefully you're not drinking out of it directly, so there is all that consideration time. The ritual that I get to influence. 

As you probably know, Ron J.  JP's founder and master brewer is one prolific brewer.  Focusing more and more on super limited run collaborations and one off’s so I have lots of labeling to work to keep up with. Concepting is a big part of my work, trying to package what the organic, spontaneous rare air experience that our beer is going to bring to you.  Ron fearlessly leading with innovative and complex flavors at the same time Ron is giving me space to consider his flavors and use visual tools together to tell stories and evolve our weird ass ecosystem. It’s all a crazy cross sensory idea to challenge, compliment, reflect or perhaps antagonize the whole experience. It’s completely absurd and I love it. 

Basically, I look at it like the whole thing like a record label: Jolly Pumpkin presses beautiful big format 12 inch vinyl, with the big gatefold and all the art. Everything is limited pressing and the lineups are usually once in a lifetime event recorded live. On top of all that we never ever talk down to the wizards that buy our stuff because someday maybe we will become wizards too. 


That's what I got.